Update your will as many times as you like, forever…

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Legal Wills & Estate Planning Made Simple

Estate Planning

Estate Planning Simplified

OneWill is readily available on the web and on all mobile devices allowing you to keep your estate planning close and update it from the palm of your hand. 

Your Digital Assets Covered

Unlike traditional estate planning solutions, OneWill offers you the ability to include your social media profiles, crypto currencies and other digital assets.

Estate Planning
Estate Planning

Forever Live On In The Cloud!

Using OneWill you can record video and audio messages for loved ones to be released to them at a special date or based on a milestone trigger.

OneWill really is your digital-self forever living on in the cloud.

Modern & Flexible


Our software translates your gestures into legal text. With the option to share your wishes with friends and family, you simply can’t fill it out wrong.

Securely Stored

Your privacy is the most important thing to us and your information is yours. We only store it for you.


OneWill is a single and affordable solution for all your estate planning needs including digital assets and pets.

Estate Planning

Web + Mobile App

Being available both on the web and on mobile devices mean that you can easily manage your estate from the comfort of your armchair, or anywhere on the go.

User Experience

An easy to use and familiar interface integrates with your social media profiles allowing you to add friends and family, or quickly search for assets.


Let your friends and family know what your wishes are, eliminating confusion, and encouraging them to be prepared.

Pretty sweet right? Why not start today!

Coming Soon

Join the tribe to be kept up to speed with our progress and release date.