Estate Planning

Probate Registry

The Digitisation Of Australian Probate Registries

The Probate Registry is the division within the court that deals with probate application and other relevant materials. The court maintains a register of all probates and related matters granted by the court. … Read More

Estate Planning

Do I Need an Estate Plan?

There are generally three main reasons why people put together an estate plan: (1) taking care of loved ones, (2) avoiding unnecessary probate costs, or (3) protecting assets. … Read More

Digital Estate Planning

How do you include your digital assets in your estate planning?

Digital assets are increasingly make up an important part of your estate planning. So what are your options? … Read More

Will and Estate Planning

Is Estate Planning the Same as a Will?

Will planning and estate planning might seem indistinguishable to most, but in truth, the two processes are quite different. … Read More

Digital Estate Planning

The need for estate planning and how digital estate planning is changing the traditional methods

Estate Planning is the act of providing instructions on the handling of an estate after death, disability or incapacitation. The general intent is for the long-term care of or the resolution of after death issues for the beneficiaries. The traditional … Read More