digital estate planning

The concept of Digital estate planning is the process of making arrangements prior death, for the management and disposal of that person’s digital assets such as cryptocurrency, social media accounts, digital wallets and anything else online. Drafting a will by hiring a lawyer and asking for advice has always been hectic. Digital assets demand a different approach as the average lawyer does not have the technical expertise. OneWill, through the web or its mobile application, makes digital estate planning simpler and abolishes the lengthy and expensive process.

Traditionally, the method of writing a Will by a lawyer is to take instructions in person on assets after death. It involved drafting everything on a piece of paper. Lawyers have been using the same methods and templates for estate planning. This readymade approach fails to cater to the area of digital assets. OneWill, in an easier way, has its ability to protect and store all digital assets in an effective way. It includes the needs of customers who hold digital assets.

The lawyer cannot securely provide an option to list digital credentials on a basic will. Writing down your sensitive passwords is risky and therefore not advisable. OneWill, with its secure solution, gives a confidential method of protecting digital data in order to protect digital assets.

The area of digital assets is drastically growing. Lawyers do not have the technical background to provide adequate digital protection. Digital protection is not well understood by lawyers whose expertise does not include a technical background. OneWill simplifies the process of estate planning and replaces the need for an estate attorney.

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