Digital Estate Planning

Note: this includes or;; Kindle; Amazon Music; Amazon Drive; Prime Photos; Amazon Appstore purchases; customer profile including reviews, discussion posts and customer images; account history (including credit card information, order history, etc.); Gift Cards; and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

What happens to my Amazon account after I die?

There are no mechanisms in place to put in place a succession plan for your Amazon account. There are in fact valid arguments that you do not have the right to pass some digital ownership. However, your executor and loved ones can contact Amazon to make alternative arrangements.

But is there a workaround?

The short answer is maybe! In other words, Amazon allows you to share some purchases with your family by setting up an Amazon Household. Amazon Household makes it easy for you and your family to share Prime Benefits and Digital Content (such as eBooks, audiobooks, apps and games).

What is Amazon Household?

Amazon Household allows for the sharing of Prime Benefits and Digital Content between two adults, up to four teens and up to four child profiles. Therefore making it easier to share your Amazon content. Go here to set up your Amazon Household.

What are the sharable Amazon Prime Benefits?

Shareable Amazon Prime Benefits include Shipping Benefits (for example, Prime Shipping, Prime Now and AmazonFresh) and Digital Benefits (for example Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Photos, Amazon First Reads, Discounts and Exclusives) as well as Prime Early Access, Amazon Photos and Twitch Prime. For more information please visit Share Your Amazon Prime Benefits.

What is Amazon Digital Content?

Shareable Digital Contents are eBooks; audiobooks; apps and games on your Amazon devices. However, there are a number of things that you cannot share. For example the Music in your Music Library, Kindle Unlimited titles, Prime Video and Prime Reading. For more information visit About Amazon Households and Family Library.

Can I remove an adult from my Amazon Household?

Sometimes life does not go to plan. Amazon lets you leave or remove an adult from an Amazon Household. In other words, you can remove a deceased family member. You can achieve this by firstly going to Manage Your Household in Your Account and secondly selecting Remove under their name.

What happens to my Alexa Routine?

Maybe it is because Alexa is relatively new but Amazon does not appear to have a succession plan for Alexa or Alexa Routines. In the meantime, however, you can delete an existing Alexa Routine by navigating to the Routines section of your Alexa app and selecting an Enabled routine. For more information please visit Create Alexa Routines for Smart Devices.

Can I request the closure of a deceased Amazon account?

You can request the closure of a deceased account by contacting Amazon using their Contact Us form. Please note that once an account has been deleted none of its content can be accessed any more. Content that is erased includes Amazon Music, Amazon Drive, Prime Photos, Amazon Appstore purchases, customer profile including reviews, discussion posts and customer images or account history including credit card information, order history, etc. You can find out more information by visiting About Closing Your Account.

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