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What happens to my Facebook account when I die?

You can either choose a friend to look after your account, by nominating them as your legacy contact, or request for your Facebook account to be permanently deleted after you pass away. You can set up your legacy contact by navigating to Facebook Settings and click on Manage Account.

What is Facebook Legacy Contact?

Your Facebook Legacy Contact is the person, friend or family, whom you have nominated to administer your Facebook profile after your death. Once nominated your legacy contact will be notified of this. They will only be contacted again regarding this once your account has been memorialised.

What happens if I have not nominated a legacy contact?

If you were to pass away without nominating a legacy contact, your family and friends will need to notify Facebook of your passing and request that your account is memorialised.

What if I don’t want my account to be memorialised?

If you would prefer for your Facebook account to be permanently deleted after you pass away you can either select this option by navigating to the Facebook Settings and clicking on Manage Account, or by letting your immediate family know of your wishes. Only your immediate family can request for the page to be deleted rather than memorialised by completing Facebook’s Special Request for Deceased Person’s Account form.

How does Facebook find out if someone has died?

If someone dies, their family or friends can request for their Facebook profile to become memorialised. The requestor will need to provide some proof that the person has died, such as a death certificate. This will effectively freeze the page in time.

How do you notify Facebook of a death?

Facebook provided the following instructions:
1. First, click the flower or star in the right-hand corner of the page,
2. Then click “help”,
3. Then “visit the help centre”,
4. Next, type in the search box “deceased user delete”,
5. Then choose memorialize or remove your account.

What happens when my account has been memorialised?

Once a Facebook account has been memorialised, the word Remembering will be shown next to the person’s name on their profile. Depending on the privacy settings friends can still share on the timeline. Any previous content shared by the person, for example, photos or posts, remain on Facebook and will be visible to whoever they were shared with.

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