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What happens to my FlyBuy points when I die?

Unfortunately, FlyBuys does not offer any solutions for you to prepare your account prior to your death. FlyBuys Australia’s Term and Conditions states that points cannot be transferred, sold or given to any other person however FlyBuys New Zealand, which has the same Terms and Conditions, does have an FAQ example where they demonstrate a willingness to transfer the point accrued by a deceased account holder.

How does FlyBuys find out if someone has died?

FlyBuys relies on the family members or estate executors to notify it of a person’s passing. According to the FlyBuys FAQ, they offer options on accounts for a deceased person, namely close account and transfer the points, or in the case of multiple cardholders to remove the deceased.

How do you notify FlyBuys of a death?

You can contact FlyBuys by either calling them on 13 11 16 or by mail to the address listed in the Contact Us page.

How do I delete a deceased person’s FlyBuys account?

Please contact FlyBuys on either 13 11 16, or by mail to request the closure of a deceased person’s account. If there are multiple account holders and the other account holders have not given their approval you will need to supply evidence that you have the authority to act on the estate.

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