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What happens to my PayPal account when I die?

Unfortunately, PayPal does not offer any solutions for you to prepare your account prior to your death. PayPal is happy however to close the account of a deceased person and refund unclaimed monies.

How does PayPal find out if someone has died?

PayPal relies on the executor to notify it of a person’s passing and request for either the account closure or a refund of unclaimed monies.

How do you notify PayPal of a death?

According to the PayPal Help Center, you will need to fax a number of documents and instructions requesting for account closure to 02 8223 9508. However, you will need to submit a Request for refund of unclaimed monies form to access funds in the account.

How do I delete a deceased person’s PayPal account?

  • PayPal requires the following information:
    A cover sheet that states that the account holder is deceased and instructions for the action you wish for us to take on the PayPal account (please provide the email address of the account in the cover letter, if known);
  • A copy of your valid government-issued photo ID; and
  • A copy of the accountholder’s Death Certificate.

Are debts forgiven at death?

There are a number of scenarios and legislation which have an impact on the answer to this question. It is up to the executor of the estate to identify and make payments on payable liabilities.

What happens to a closed PayPal account?

Once a PayPal account is closed down it cannot be reopened meaning all the transaction history is lost.

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