Digital Estate Planning

What happens to my Snapchat account when I die?

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not offer any solutions for you to prepare your account prior to your death. Snapchat is happy however to remove the account of a deceased person.

How does Snapchat find out if someone has died?

Snapcha relies on other members to notify it of a person’s passing. Once notified, Snapchat will validate and is happy to close the deceased person’s account.

How do you notify Snapchat of a death?

You can notify Snapchat by contacting them directly through their online Contact Us form. You will need to follow these steps:

  • Report a safety concern
  • Someone else’s Snapchat account
  • “something else?” YES
  • The person passed away

You will need to provide the Snapchat username of deceased, and a copy of their death certificate.

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