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The Wish screen contains a list of your Funeral Arrangements, Organ Donation, Instructions, Message, or other wishes.

Your Wish

You can create a new wish simply by clicking the '+' button on the top right-hand side of the screen. You can update an existing Wish simply by clicking on that wish.

You may chose to upload a Video or an Audio file; it is the 21st centuary after all.

You can leave a video instruction for your Executors or Lawyer just to help clarify your Will and wishes. Why not leave a message for that special loved one .. or not so loved one if you are so inclined.

Funeral Arrangements

Using the funeral arrangements wish type, you can leave your loved ones with instructions on how you would like your last day to be.

Just some of what you may want to consider are listed below:

  • Information for the obituary
  • Choose a funeral home
  • Decide on the type of disposition (traditional burial, cremation, green burial, etc.)
  • Select a casket or cremation container
  • Select a grave marker and inscriptions
  • Identify a location for burial
  • Identify a location for your funeral service
  • Decide on the type of service (memorial, wake, celebration of life, etc.)
  • Choose a desired flower arrangements
  • Pick photos to be displayed at the service
  • Prepare any other displays, videos or memorabilia for use at the service
  • Write the obituary
  • Communicate the preference for donations to charities
  • Pick music or songs to be played or sung at the service
  • Select clothing to wear
  • Food or beverages to be served during or after the service
  • Choose passages to be read at the service (scripture or poems), and who will read them
  • Photos for a memorial register or guest book
  • Memorial card design
  • Choose an officiant to lead the service (religious leader, family member, etc.)
  • Decide who will perform the eulogy
  • Choose pallbearers
  • Decide if you want an open or closed casket

Organ Donation

Document if you would like for your organs to be donated for life-saving or life-transforming procedures or anatomical, therapeutic, medical or scientific purposes.

Organ donation does not affect funeral arranagments nor there are any financial costs to your family after your passing.

However, your family makes the final decision after your passing so it is important that you have this conversation now rather than relying on your OneWill only.

Please refer to the Donate Life website for more information.

Other Wishes

This is pretty much where everything else goes.

You can attached a video message for your spouse, children, grandchildren or anyone else or leave instructions for your Executors on how to manage your estate.

You can clarify something in the Will. For example you may want to explain why you have chosen to include someone or exclude another.