Let us walk you through your Last Will and Testament

Protect your family from additional pain and suffering after you are gone. For only $95 we will guide you through drafting your Will. Included in this price is two free updates within the first 12 months.

How Does It Work

Step 1

Submit your information and schedule an appointment with one of our friendly staff.

Step 2

During the call we will walk you through your Will and make sure you are fully satisfied.

Step 3

Once you are 100% satisfied we will send and guide you through signing of your Will.

Step 4

You can rest easy knowing that your family and loved ones are looked after.


Simple Will

Setup your Will executor/s and  estate beneficiaries
Guardianship for your children and pets 
Any gifts or donations you wish to make in your estate

Complex Will

Requires Family or Discretionary Trust;
Includes disabled or blended-family dynamic;
Is for a high net-worth individual.

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