Estate Planning

If you have assets, at some point it’s sensible to decide what’s going to happen to them when you’re no longer around. Because wills can be expensive, a growing number of people are opting for alternative methods of recording their wishes. Some people opt for a paper will writing packs. Unfortunately, these can be confusing to fill in and are all too easy to lose. In addition, they may be damaged or even subject to forgery! In comparison, when you turn to us, your information will be stored safely and securely in a digital format. Straight-forward, cost-effective and ultimately providing the same level of legal recognition as information contained in a will writing kit or through a solicitor, online wills are a popular option in the 21st Century.

Online wills are cost-effective and convenient

One of the challenges many people face when it comes to will writing is getting to a solicitor’s office. Particularly if you have limited mobility, it can be difficult. Not only is an online will service completely secure and legal, but it can also be carried out in your own home, at your convenience. Whether you want to complete the whole thing in one go or want to do a small amount, leave it a while to reflect and then come back.

Easy, flexible estate planning

Because your will is online, you can change it easily and safely whenever you wish. This means that should your circumstances change, there’s no need for another visit to the solicitor. You just need to log in and record your new requirements. With your consent, others can access your will, enabling you to share your wishes with your loved ones. Data is stored securely, so you need never worry about your will getting damaged or lost in the future. Why not complete your estate planning now, then get on with enjoying the rest of your life with the peace of mind that the important matter of writing a legally binding, clear will has been attended to? Your will can be completed on your laptop or phone, anywhere that there is an Internet connection.